Yoga for Beginners: What to expect from your first class

Yoga for Beginners: What to expect from your first class

Have you finally decided to join a yoga class? Awesome!!! I promise it’s a choice you won’t regret. What should you expect from your first class and how should you prepare? These are very common questions for everybody starting practicing yoga for the first time. Luckily for you, on the Wide Wonder Web there are tons of resources to get you ready, even before you step a foot into the room.

Here’s my top list of things every new yoga bunny should do to prepare for their first class:

1. Start with a studio not too far from you
It may be a good idea to start locally, finding a studio that is close to your home or office. Especially at the beginning, you will be more motivated to attend yoga classes if you don’t have to travel all the way to the other end of town. When you find a yoga studio that works for you, make sure the classes fit your schedule, that they have the right equipment you need, or shower facilities on site if you’re taking an early class before work.

2. Choose a beginner’s class
This may be obvious, right… But we don’t always stick to the obvious do we? Whenever possible, yes do look for a class that suits your schedule, but at the same time make sure the level is not too advanced for you. In a beginner’s class you will learn the fundamentals and you won’t have that awkward feeling that you are the only one who can’t follow – everyone will be in the same yogic boat.

3. Dress properly
Anything comfortable will do for your first yoga class. It may be a good idea to dress in layers so that you can take some off as you get warmed up. Make sure your outfit will not restrict your movements. Find something that is a bit loose but not baggy. If it’s too loose, it will get in your way. Ideally, wear a t-shirt/tank top and yoga pants/leggings, or elastic-waist shorts if that’s your thing.

4. Arrive early
Rushing into a yoga class isn’t the best way to start your practice. Yoga is very much about calming the nervous system and clearing your mind. Make sure you arrive at least 15 or 10 minutes before the class starts. Arriving early will give you an opportunity to get into the mood and prepare yourself for the practice.

5. Bring your own water and towel, oh and you won’t need your phone ☺
If you are wondering what to bring to yoga class, feel free to have your own water bottle and possibly a small towel to wipe off your yoga mat after use. Ideally, do not enter into a yoga class with your smartphone, tablets or other devices. Once yoga starts, you need to completely unplug and disconnect.

6. Listen to your teacher
As soon as your yoga teacher steps into the class, make sure you focus and pay attention. Missing out on an important piece of information can delay your progress. While asking a question is allowed, please don’t slow down the class by asking the teacher to repeat everything he or she said. There will be time at the end of the class to ask any specific questions.

7. ALWAYS tell your instructor if you have an injury
Most yoga teacher starts their class by asking if anyone has injuries or other physical problems. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your teacher. If you have a specific need, let your teacher know so that they can assist you and offer safer alternatives to some of the poses.

After a yoga class, indulge in a healthy treat to reward your hard work. This will nurture your body as well as your soul and will keep you motivated for the next class! Yas! OM OM.