Vrksasana / Tree Pose

Benefits: Balance poses demonstrate our state of mind.  In Vrksasana our feet and legs provide the support for our upper body to stand with strength and grace.

Step by Step

1.   From Tadasana, transfer the weight from your left foot onto the right foot.  Keeping the right leg strong and straight like the trunk of a tree, bend the left knee and place the sole of the foot against the upper inner thigh of the right leg, with toes pointing toward the floor.

2.  Bring your attention to the left knee and gently draw it back to open the left hip.  Lengthen your tailbone toward the floor and gently draw the pubic bone and lower abdomen toward the spine as you extend the spine upward.

3.  Bring palms together at the chest.  If your balance is steady, inhale and extend the arms up, keeping arms alongside the ears.

4.  Gaze forward and breathe gently and evenly all the way down through the soles of the feet.

5.  To come out, exhale and lower the arms sideways, keep toes pointed as you lower the left foot to the floor, come to Tadasana.  Repeat on the other side.