Virabhadrasana II / Warrior II

Benefits: Virabhadrasana II/Warrior II pose is strengthening and focusing.  It connects us to the integral power of our legs, which, linked with intent, propels us into action.  As you do the pose, silently say an inner “Ha!” to your imaginary foe or problem.

Step by Step

1.   From Tadasana, Mountain pose, step your feet approximately 4 feet apart.  Turn the right foot out 90 degrees so that the heel is opposite the arch of the left foot.  Turn the left foot slightly in – about 15 degrees.

2.  Square the hips to the front, tuck the tailbone under and float the chest and spine upward, keep your torso facing forward.

3.  Inhale and raise your arms parallel to the floor and reach them actively out to the sides, shoulder blades wide, palms down.  Gaze on the middle fingertip of the right hand.

4.  Exhale and bend the right knee so that the right thigh is parallel to the floor (to lighten, bend the front knee a little less).  Make sure that the knee is directly above the ankle (not in front of it).  Anchor this movement of the right knee by strengthening the left leg and pressing the outer left heel firmly to the floor.

5.  Stay for 10 deep breaths.  Build concentration by focusing on your front middle finger.  If your arms tire as they remain lifted, focus on your inhalation.  To release, inhale as you straighten the right leg.  Reverse the feet and repeat for the same length of time on the other side.