Workshop – May 2017


Trauma-Focused Movement Language
May 2017
Willesden Library, NW10 2SF

I am fortunate to be collaborating with an amazingly talented individual, Laura Fischer, co-founder of Onen Ena, a cross-disciplined arts platform – Art Without Borders.

Laura and I hosted a workshop to start to interweave yoga and many yogic elements into the development of Trauma-Focused Movement Language (TFML), exploring movement as a therapeutic tool.

Laura’s words: “Having an imagination is key – whether we call ourselves creative or not – because with imagination we can perceive options. Without imagination, one is completely stuck. If creativity can help stimulate non-verbal traumatic memories into declarative memories, we can heal with creativity.”

I am excited to work with Laura and her team, and I look forward to continuing this valuable and formative work.

For more on Trauma-Focused Movement Language, read here: