Spring Cleanse Yoga Sequence

SPRING CLEANSE – A Short Yoga sequence for you…

I am sooooo excited to share this gift with you my lovely yogis – my first VIDEO blog post in like absolutely ages!! And what better theme to start this series with than a powerful yoga sequence to spring clean your body and mind?! After a long and cold winter, spring is finally here (umm, I think 🙂 )! it’s time to get out of our cocoons, say ‘bye’ to the short, dark days and embrace the warmth and lightness of the new season!

Spring is the perfect time of the year to get rid of the clutter and to welcome a fresh and new start. If we do that with our homes, why shouldn’t we do the same with our body? This short yoga flow is designed to leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated. The focus is on wringing out and massaging the digestive system for a thorough spring cleaning, while creating a steadiness and presence to remind us to turn inward, reflect, and consciously prepare to renew. 

* Warm up with 2 rounds of Surya Namaskara – Sun Salutation before starting (right and left leg = 1 round).

Extended Childs, Anjaneyasana – Crescent Moon, Parivrtta Parsva Konasana – Standing Deep Twist, Forearm Plank hold, Ardha Kakasana – Side Crow (PAUSE & repeat on left side from the beginning), Extended Childs, Dhanurasana – Bow, Extended Childs, Paschimottanasana – Seated Double Leg Forward Fold, Marichyasana C – Seated Twist (do both sides), Halasana – Plough, Sarvanagasana – Shoulderstand (optional, of course), Matsyasana – Fish, Neck release, Savasana (compulsory 😉 ).

Oh, I need to fess up… In a few sections I demo the right side only, yep, silly me! When I state to, you’ll need to press pause, or ask Bixby/ Siri/ your smart speaker to pause the vid for you. I’ll remember to demo both sides in the next video, promise! 

Big OMs and all that jazz x