Retreat: Kaliyoga

23rd to 29th July 2017
Puglia, Italy

I retreated myself, yay!

I needed a break, to reconnect, nourish, and reset, me. I craved a little sun and to just practice some damn yoga. I decided to attend a yoga retreat. For months I asked around for recommendations, researched, checked reviews, and then my husband found Kaliyoga, in Puglia, Italy. So we yoga retreated together, a first, and it was ah-ma-zing! We had a wonderful time!

The masseria is set in a gorgeous, peaceful location. The accommodation was luxurious, and we were fortunate to be in one of the beautiful trulli – which tends to be slightly cooler, a blessing when the evening temperature in Italy hits 30 degrees! We had cute ‘mocktails’ each evening before dinner. The food was super healthy – although I will add that I was expecting a vegetarian menu, not a full vegan & gluten free one. But bah, still ate deliciously well.

If one needed to retreat break every now and then, there was plenty of time to go and explore. It’s approx. 10 minutes drive from two lovely villages, Locorotondo and Martina Franca – you could also borrow a bicycle, but it might take you a bit longer.

We had such an awesome group of yogis on our week – we played musical chairs for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that everyone got to speak to each other. Yogis generously swapped various treatment appointments so that no one missed out. Absolutely loved the respect, support and seriousness in the yoga shala (as it should be), but with some realness thrown in – yes there were a few giggles.

Finally, the yoga classes, I don’t really want to, but I should and will share… my yoga teacher crush, Tashi Dawa. With her soulful guidance, expertise, inspiration, inclusiveness, playfulness and warmth – she totally blew my mind! I thought that I needed a powerful physical practice that would calm my monkey brain, but I gained so much more. I left with a renewed yogic bounce – to practice, breathe, to teach, to meditate, and to continue my personal and professional development, again.

Thank you Kaliyoga, and my deepest thanks to you dearest Tashi.

Thank you to my dear husband for sharing this special time with me.

~ Big Oms.