Q & A with Ashika

Ashika Mathews

1.  How long have you been practicing yoga? On and off for nearly 20 years.

2.  What difference has yoga made in your life?  It has kept me supple and less prone to injury as well as helping me to focus clearly and see things from different perspectives. It provides a balance in my life between a very busy work schedule and the need to relax and take care of myself.

3.  What would you say to someone who is worried about yoga being religious, a cult, or complete mumbo jumbo?  Yoga can be strictly physical or spiritual or any comfortable combination of the two. It is very important to find the right teacher and class to suit you and your expectations.

4.  Tell us your most challenging yoga pose and why?  Headstand is the most difficult for me, I think it’s the balance you need as well as the physical strength and confidence.

Ashika is launching ‘London Love Wine’ – events and courses at all levels, September 2013.  For news of upcoming events and the ‘London Love Wine’ launch follow Ashika on Twitter: @akaAshika