Navasana / Boat Pose

Benefits: Strengthens and tones abdominal organs.  It also works the muscles of the lower back.  It is very challenging at first, consistent practice will bring huge benefits.

Step by Step

1.   From Dandasana/Seated staff pose – sitting upright, legs extended, with hands beside the hips on the floor, exhale and lean the body back slightly as you bend the knees and lift the legs off the floor.  Hold behind your thighs with your hands.

2. Draw in the lower back and lift the chest/heart center.  Stretch the arms forward so the palms are facing each other.

3. Pull the shoulders back, chest and knees towards each other, extend the fingers.  Stay here for five to eight breaths.  Then rest and repeat or progress to Full Boat Pose.

4.  To practice full Boat Pose from a knees-bent position, slowly extend the legs upwards until straight.  Feet higher than the head.  Your core system is working strongly, focus on keeping the legs extended and the upper body lifting so the back doesn’t round.  Hold for five to eight breaths.

5.  On an exhalation, release.