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Everyone Try Yoga - Finding your yoga fit

There are many yoga books out there, this book kept me engaged from the start – modern take on an ancient discipline, informative and beautifully illustrated.  Includes a free Bridget Kramer-Woods DVD, bonus!
I talk to my friend, journalist, author and yoga instructor Victoria Woodhall, she tells us how this book came about.

1.  How do you get started with writing ‘Everyone Try Yoga’ (as in, how did you start developing the book, how did you get inspired for it)?

I had being practising at Triyoga since it opened in 2000 and in 2006 completed my teacher training with Lara Baumann, who taught Ashtanga at triyoga and went on to develop her own vinyasa flow method Quantum Yoga ( I am a journalist by profession and wanted to combine my day job with my passion and write a yoga book. I got talking to Jonathan Sattin, the founder of Triyoga and we decided to work on a book together that reflected the experience of going to Triyoga.

There are dozens of yoga styles taught today and it can be confusing trying to tell your Iyengar from your Ashtanga, your Scaravelli from your Kundalini. What do they all involve and which one is right for you? The idea was to create a book that demystified all the different forms so that everyone could find a style that suited them (hence the book’s sub title ‘finding your yoga fit’) and an entry point into this wonderful practice. Those with a regular practice could broaden their reportoire and deepen their knowledge by finding out more about the history, philosophy and practice of meditation. We also created a DVD with three 20 minute practices for morning, noon and night.

2.  Did your own personal yoga experiences affect your writing of this book?

When I started yoga I was hooked on Ashtanga – no other style would do. It was a pretty blinkered view, which closed off a whole world of other yoga styles to me. It was only when I had a baby and couldn’t make my regular classes that I had to take whatever class happened to be on when I managed to get an hour or so free. It was then that I discovered Vinyasa flow, Anusara, and many others and I learned that each style had its own unique emphasis and benefits. I now love Restorative yoga, which couldn’t be further from Ashtanga.

3.  Which is your favourite yoga posture and why?

I love and loathe urdhva danurasana (upward facing bow pose) in equal measure – which probably means I need to do it more often than I do. Sitting at a desk all day means that I need postures that open the chest shoulders and upper back. I often do gomukhasana arms (cow-face pose) at my desk.

4.  Do you have a mantra or saying you would like to share?

It’s not about being able to DO the pose, what’s important is to breathe in the pose.

Victoria Woodhall
Victoria Woodhall
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