Ardha Chandrasana / Half Moon Pose

Benefits: This standing balance posture requires strength and grace.  Make use of your mental focus in this balance, and maintain it to come out with control.

Step by Step

1.  Start in a Trikonasana/Triangle Pose on the right side.  Place left hand to your sacrum, bend the right knee and place the right fingertips on the floor, about two hands forward of the right foot.  At the same time, slide the left foot toward the right heel, so that your body weight begins to shift to the right foot.

2.  Breath and stabilize your foundation.  Exhale and straighten the right leg, lifting the left leg up until it is parallel with the floor.  Be stable and steady on the right leg.  Allow the left arm to lie against the left side of the body then turn the left shoulder, chest, and hip up toward the ceiling.  Stretch the left arm skywards and gaze up over the left shoulder, or if this is slightly too much right now, keep left hand to the sacrum and gaze to the floor.

3.  To release, lower the left leg to the floor, again straighten the right leg, and return to Trikonasana/Triangle Pose.  Repeat on other side.

4.  Counterpose: Tadasana/Mountain Pose.